Spiral hoses

Spiral hoses for vacuum injection and vacuum infusion

Spiral hoses are an indispensable component in vacuum injection and infusion processes. Our spiral hoses are used around the world as feed lines and exhaust lines in many different industries. TimaFlex supplies spiral hoses, in small batches as well as in large volumes. We adjust the material, diameter, wall thickness and length entirely to meet your requirements. Which specifications does your spiral hose need to fulfil?

A solution for any temperature

Spiral hose is conventionally made from polyethylene (PE). Do you plan on using the hose for production processes involving higher temperatures? If so, then polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA) is a better choice of material for your spiral hose.
Temperature resistance of our raw materials
  • PE: -18 to +70 degrees Celsius
  • PP: -18 to +105 degrees Celsius/li>
  • PA: -35 to +200 degrees Celsius

A solution for any process

TimaFlex supplies spiral hoses for vacuum injection and vacuum infusion in any size, type, colour or quantity you need. We manufacture all of our own equipment needed for production, which means faster delivery times for you. We have always got the right tools for the job.

Fast delivery

Spiral hoses are an important part of our product portfolio at TimaFlex. Two of our production lines are solely dedicated to producing spiral hoses. As a result, we can guarantee fast delivery.

Packaging & labels

We want for our spiral hoses to fit seamlessly into your own production process. That is why TimaFlex offers a very wide range of packaging options. From compact formats, to bulk packaging. Anything that your situation requires. Before shipping, we apply a label to your product which contains the batch number so the origin is always traceable.

Are you looking for spiral hoses that meet your specific requirements?

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