Plasticks© the sustainable planting stick

Plasticks® are a new product designs single-handedly by TimaFlex. They were released onto the market after extensive testing. Today, they are used around the world by horticulturalists to grow orchids, begonias, hydrangea and even medicinal cannabis. Over the past few years, growers have come to rely on Plasticks® as the mould-resistant plastic planting stick of their choice. Are you looking for a high-quality planting stick to replace the product you are currently using?

What are Plasticks®?

Many horticulturalists are still using planting sticks made from bamboo or fibre-glass. With Plasticks®, TimaFlex offers a sustainable alternative that meets all the important criteria that professional growers demand. Mould-free and safe. Our patented planting sticks are made from a recycled plastic. To ensure the necessary rigidity, this material is reinforced with a glass percentile. During the production process, the glass additive is encapsulated far more effectively than in conventional fibre-glass sticks. This is just one of the many advantages of Plasticks®.

The 7 promises of Plasticks® from TimaFlex:

  1. Mould-free guaranteed
  2. No splintering
  3. Strong and rigid
  4. Pointed tip
  5. Available in all standard sizes and colours
  6. Consistent in size, without breakage or warping
  7. A natural appearance


How does TimaFlex turn plastic into a sustainable alternative?

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