The production line: From granule to profile

TimaFlex is proud to be an all-around specialist in the field of plastic extrusion. Our customers around the world know us as the market leader in specialised plastic products such as spiral hoses, injection tubes, handle strips, tubes and custom-built profiles. Extrusion is a continual process in which we heat thermic materials and shape them into solid profiles. Each production line consists of the following components:

1. Hopper

The extrusion process starts with plastic granules, also known as granulate. The first step is to pour the granulate into the hopper. We add pigment which gives the material the desired colour.

2. Extruder

The extruder heats the granulate into a plastic mass. Next, a transport screw (the extruder spindle) presses the mass through a die.

3. Extrusion die

Each die is a one-of-a-kind piece. It is the shape of the die that models the plastic mass into the desired shape.

4. Calibration unit

While it is still hot, the plastic is placed into a calibration unit. Here, the material is cooled in a controlled environment and the product takes on its definitive dimensions.

5. Cooling unit

To stabilise the material, the profile is fed into the cooling unit.

6. Take-off

The extrusion process must continue running seamlessly. The take-off pulls the profile from the die in a controlled manner and guides it through the various stages of the production line.

7. Trimming unit

At this phase, the system trims the profiles into any length desired

8. Packaging unit

The final step of the production line is packaging the products as desired, either in boxes, bundles or wrapped around spools.

9. Shipment

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