Standard products made to order

Standard products made to order

Since it was founded in 1996, TimaFlex has specialised in extrusion of plastic hoses and tubes. Today, we can look back on years of experience and product expertise. We have helped meet the needs of thousands of customers. From production to packaging to delivery.

Standard products made to order

At our production plant, we operate multiple lines that are dedicated solely to extruding hoses and tubes. TimaFlex produces these popular products in a wide variety of lengths, diameters and in any colour. We also work every day with all kinds of different raw materials, including ABS, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PA, PP, glass-reinforced PP (up to 60%), PPS, PS (and HIPS) and TPE.

TimaFlex produces hoses and tubes in diameters ranging from 0.6 mm to 60 mm


Do you need hoses or tubes in a specific length? TimaFlex clips or saws tubes and hoses into various lengths. We also give you the option of trimming the pieces at a specific angle.

Combine colours and materials with co-extrusion

TimaFlex is an expert in co-extrusion techniques. This complex plastic processing technique connects multiple extruders to a single die. This enables us to combine multiple colours and plastic types to produce one hose or tube. Co-extrusion is a highly versatile production technique. It allows for endless combinations of hard and soft plastics or any colou

Fast delivery

TimaFlex designs and develops its own extrusion equipment and cooling reservoirs for the production process. As a result, we can guarantee very fast delivery.

Packaging & labels

We want for our products to fit seamlessly into your own production process. That is why TimaFlex offers a very wide range of packaging options. From compact formats, to bulk packaging. Anything that your situation requires. Before shipping, we apply a label to your product which contains the batch number so the origin is always traceable.

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