Plastic extrusion process

From granulate to product



Plastic extrusion / production process

1. Hopper
This contains the plastic granulate in order to “feed” the extruder. The pigment is added at this stage to give the profile it’s required colour.

2. Extruder
The deposited granulate is heated in the extruder to the required consistency and then pressed through the die using a screw conveyer (extrusion spindle)

3. Extrusion die
This contains a hole (or series of holes) in the shape of the cross-section of the required profile.

4. Calibration unit
The now still warm pre-moulded mass, which has been pressed out of the die, is then pulled through the calibrator and cooled. The calibration device ensures the correct shape and size..

5. Cooler
After calibration the still quite warm profile is pulled through the water-cooling unit, making it strong and dimensionally stable.

6. Take off
This device ensures that the profile is pulled from the die through the many stages of the extrusion process..

7. Cross cutter
This system enables the different kinds of plastic profile to be cut to any desired length.

8. Packaging unit
At the end of the plastic extrusion production line the product is then packaged as desired, in boxes, wound onto reels, bundles, bags etc.

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