Plastic extrusion products

Handle strap tape Handle-strap tape

This is then further processed in the packaging industry into handles for paint cans and washing detergent boxes/barrels. The material is polypropylene. Any desired colour (RAL). Ordersize in bulk, wound on single-use wooden reels.
Packaging: max. 15000 meters, on wooden reel.


Plastic profiles

Often used in the car and bicycle industry. Shape and size to order. Material is mostly polypropylene and in any desired colour (RAL). Possible ordersize is in large or small amounts. Packaging is as requested


Plant sticks Plastic planting-sticks

Support during cultivation of plants (Hortensia, orchids, etc.). Made ofrRecycled polystyrene or glass-filled polypropylene. Possible colours are mostly in black or as requested. Ordersize is based on the range of lengths and diameters. Packaging is boxed or as requested.
Spiral tube

For bundling, routing and protection of wiring or as spiraltube in vacuum injection/infusion processess. The material is polythene. Possible colours are any desired colour in RAL. Ordersize based on range of lengths and sizes. Packaging is based on bundeling in ziplock bags and boxed, or as requested.
Spiral tube


Spiral tube for vacuum injection

Injection tubing vacuum injection/infusion

Tima Flex is increasingly becoming a market-leading manufacturer of spiral tubing which is used in supply channels and for drainage pipe in vacuum injection/infusion processes. Tima Flex can supply this tubing in any desired size. Generally made from Polythene (PE).


Attention! All of our products are manufactured by plastic extrusion.