Plastic extrusion specialist
Tima Flex

"Extrusion is our business"

As a specialist in plastic extrusion Tima Flex is specialised in a technique where thermally deformable materials are heated and transported through an extrusion device under pressure. Subsequently this plastic mass is then pressed through a die with holes of a specific shape and size. This pre-formed mass is then pulled through a bore and cooled with water, the purpose of which is to secure the consistency of the shape and size of the cross-section. Extrusion, (as opposed to eg. Injection-moulding) is a continual process.

At Tima Flex we work exclusively with this continual process. We manufacture profiles, which can be hollow or solid, eg. Spiral tubing, different cross-section of solid profiles, handle-straps for paint tins, planting sticks for the flower industry etc.

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